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The F.B.I.: Season 1

Episode 1: The Monster (s01e01)

Plot Summary: Erskine's on the trail of an escaped convict whose specialty is extorting money from women.

Case file #76-3342-J- Francis Jerome - Escaped Federal Prisoner.

Location: Castle City, Wisconsin
Originally aired on: 9/19/1965
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 2: Image in a Cracked Mirror (s01e02)

Plot Summary: An attempt to destroy a photo of bank employees prompts the FBI to check the bank's books - which reveal a shortage of over $100,000.

Case file #29-68954-G - Charles Emery Gates - Federal Reserve Act, Embezzlement.

Location: Evans,Oklahoma
Originally aired on: 9/26/1965
Fan Rating: 6.5

Episode 3: A Mouthful of Dust (s01e03)

Plot Summary: Apache Joe Cloud returns to his reservation home to find a man attacking his wife.

Case file #70-68307-C - Joseph Cloud - Crime on Indian Reservation.

Location: San Lucas, New Mexico
Originally aired on: 10/3/1965
Fan Rating: 5.6

Episode 4: Slow March Up a Steep Hill (s01e04)

Plot Summary: A lone bandit has held up a bank twice within three days---on the exact dates robberies took place in the same bank 20 years before.

Case file #91-77270-X - Wayne Everett Powell - Bank Robbery, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle.

Location: Exeter, Maryland
Originally aired on: 10/10/1965
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 5: The Insolents (s01e05)

Plot Summary: The FBI probes a murder aboard a luxury liner. The suspect: the victim's millionaire stepson.

Case file #45-47339-Y - Roger York - Crime on the High Seas - Murder.
Originally aired on: 10/17/1965
Fan Rating: 5.8

Episode 6: To Free My Enemy (s01e06)

Plot Summary: The good inspector has the distasteful job of finding a kidnap victim--a pornographer that the good inspector is trying build a case against. In the end, Erskine captures the kidnappers and obtains a warrant for the arrest of the pornographer.
Originally aired on: 10/24/1965
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 7: The Problem of the Honorable Wife (s01e07)

Plot Summary: The agents probe an attempt to blow up a Government warehouse stocked with supplies bound for Vietnam.

Case file #98-63520-M - Maury Maddock - Sabotage.

Location: San Francisco, California
Originally aired on: 10/31/1965
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 8: Courage of a Conviction (s01e08)

Plot Summary: Working on a tip, Erskine arrests Harry Castle as a passer of bad checks. It's not long before the agent suspects he has the wrong man.

Case file #87-633462-C - Harry Castle - Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Fraudulent Checks.

Location: St.Louis, Missouri
Originally aired on: 11/7/1965
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 9: The Exiles (s01e09)

Plot Summary: In Florida, Latin-American exiles plot to invade and liberate their homeland---despite FBI warnings that there's a traitor in their group.

Case file #2-46675-R - General Romero, et al. - Violation of Neutrality Act.
Originally aired on: 11/14/1965
Fan Rating: 8.0

Episode 10: The Giant Killer (s01e10)

Plot Summary: Radio messages picked up by the FCC alert the FBI to a plan to destroy a missile being moved from Arizona to a California launch site.

Case file #52-19223-W - Joseph Maurice Walker - Destruction of Government Property.
Originally aired on: 11/21/1965
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 11: All the Streets Are Silent (s01e11)

Plot Summary: Two thugs hijack a U.S. Marine Corps weapons truck, making off with guns and ammunition--and killing one Marine in the process.

Case file #52-499362-M - Mike Murtaugh - Theft of Government Property.

Location: San Diego, California
Originally aired on: 11/28/1965
Fan Rating: 7.8

Episode 12: An Elephant is Like a Rope (s01e12)

Plot Summary:
Originally aired on: 12/5/1965
Fan Rating: 6.9

Episode 13: How to Murder an Iron Horse (s01e13)

Plot Summary: Inspector Lew Erskine and Special Agent Jim Rhodes hunt a young man involved with railroad sabotage.

Case File #9-74219-C - Howard Spencer Collier Jr. - Extortion.
Originally aired on: 12/12/1965
Fan Rating: 5.6

Episode 14: Pound of Flesh (s01e14)

Plot Summary: File# 70-74476-X: Janice Fletcher, Victim.
Crime On A Government Reservation.Already acquitted of one murder, Pfc. Byron Landy is in the hot seat again when the Army chaplain's wife is killed.
Originally aired on: 12/19/1965
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 15: The Hijackers (s01e15)

Plot Summary: A vengeful driver hijacks one of his company's trucks---unaware that it contains furs worth $500,000.

Case file #15-9436-S - Harold K. Smith - Theft from Interstate Shipment.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Originally aired on: 12/26/1965
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 16: The Forests of the Night (s01e16)

Plot Summary: Blackmail blends with arson as a bigoted extortionist threatens to burn the settlement of a minority religious sect.

Case file #9-26080-X Adam MacDonald, et al., Victims - Extortion.

Location: Stanton,Oregon
Originally aired on: 1/2/1966
Fan Rating: 4.6

Episode 17: The Chameleon (s01e17)

Plot Summary: A clever confidence man of a thousand faces plays a deadly game of cat & mouse with a million dollars as the prize.

Case file #29-31091-C - Andrew S. Cook, Jr., with Aliases - Violation of Federal Reserve Act, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Murder.
Originally aired on: 1/9/1966
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 18: The Sacrifice (s01e18)

Plot Summary: Erskine and Rhodes take jobs at a missile plant to plug up a security leak---and trap a spy.

Case file #65-9525-X - The Doriskin Papers - Espionage.
Originally aired on: 1/16/1966
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 19: Special Delivery (s01e19)

Plot Summary: Inspector Erskine goes undercover to crack an inter-hemisphere fugitive smuggling ring.

Case file #91-42238-P - Robert Charles Porter - Bank Robbery, Unlawful Flight, Murder.
Originally aired on: 1/23/1966
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 20: Quantico (s01e20)

Plot Summary: A plot to destroy The Supreme Court Building could cost an F.B.I. agent his job.

Case File #52-7672-S - Willard Smith - Destruction of Government Property.
Originally aired on: 1/30/1966
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 21: The Spy Master (s01e21)

Plot Summary: Inspector Lew Erskine masquerades as a traitor to break up a Red Chinese spy operation.

Case file #65-4948-X - The Forsythe Memo - Espionage.
Originally aired on: 2/6/1966
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 22: The Baby Sitter (s01e22)

Plot Summary: Lew Erskine leads a three state search for a deranged woman who kidnaps an infant she has been baby-sitting.

Case file #7-1101-D - Mrs. Amy Doucette - Kidnapping.
Originally aired on: 2/13/1966
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 23: Flight to Harbin (s01e23)

Plot Summary: Inspector Erskine must save the lives of airline passengers aboard a flying prison of terror.

Case file #164-4391-K - Charles Wallace King - Alias Ernest C. Putnam - Crime Aboard Aircraft - Piracy - Attempted Murder.
Originally aired on: 2/27/1966
Fan Rating: 6.5

Episode 24: The Man Who Went Mad by Mistake (s01e24)

Plot Summary: Scheduled to go on trial for fraud against the Government, Mark Tabor jumps bail and goes into hiding after the crime syndicate makes an attempt on his life to insure he's not testifying.

Case file #115-28414-T - Mark Stephen Tabor - Bond Default, Fraud Against The Government, Unlawful Flight.
Originally aired on: 3/6/1966
Fan Rating: 9.0

Episode 25: The Divided Man (s01e25)

Plot Summary: When a chemical plant is blown up, FBI agents investigate the possibility of sabotage, unaware that the explosion was set off by an emotionally disturbed research chemist.

Case file #98-81829-M - Roger Leroy Mason - Sabotage.
Originally aired on: 3/20/1966
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 26: The Defector (1) (s01e26)

Plot Summary: The F.B.I. seeks to protect the life of an Eastern European cryptographer who defects to the United States.

Case file #65-22317-H - The Holman Defection - Espionage.
Originally aired on: 3/27/1966
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 27: The Defector (2) (s01e27)

Plot Summary: The F.B.I. plays a deadly game of espionage with foreign assassins who seek the life of an Eastern European defector to the U.S.

Case file #65-22317-H - The Holman Defection - Espionage.
Originally aired on: 4/3/1966
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 28: The Tormentors (s01e28)

Plot Summary: A desperate father jeopardizes the life of his kidnapped son when he defies F.B.I. warnings to keep the story out of the media.

Case file #7-4929-D - Logan Clyde Dupree, John Carl Brock, Anita James - Kidnapping.
Originally aired on: 4/10/1966
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 29: The Animal (s01e29)

Plot Summary: In New Mexico, Erskine and Rhodes track five escaped convicts, one of whom brutally murdered two law officers.

Case file #76-2947-C - Earl Clayton, Roy Joe Spencer, et al. - Escaped Federal Prisoners, Killing a Federal Officer.
Originally aired on: 4/17/1966
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 30: The Plunderers (s01e30)

Plot Summary: Inspector Erskine is puzzled: Why would four men go to all the trouble of staging an intricately planned bank robbery - and then steal only a small part of the money?

Case file #91-62290-H - King Hogan, Frank Donald Collins, Otto Hans Breese, Edward Ralph Richards - Bank Robbery, Murder.
Originally aired on: 4/24/1966
Fan Rating: 6.1

Episode 31: The Bomb That Walked Like a Man (s01e31)

Plot Summary: The FBI searches for Dale Hillman a murder suspect being primed for membership in a private army of extremists.

Case file #7-76881-H - Dale Vernon Hillman - Kidnapping, Murder.
Originally aired on: 5/1/1966
Fan Rating: 7.8

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