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Prison Break: Season 3

Episode 1: (s03e01)

Plot Summary: Now locked up in a Panamanian prison known as Sona, Michael, T-Bag, Bellick, and Mahone try to find a way out. Much to their devastation, they soon find out that the prison has been abandoned by the authorities because of the immense threat from the vile inmates.
Michael searches for an inmate named Whistler in the prison sewers.
As Lincoln is puzzled by Sara's sudden disappearance, he learns that LJ has gotten into some trouble.
Originally aired on: 9/17/2007
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 2: Fire/Water (s03e02)

Plot Summary: Michael and Mahone try to lure Whistler out of his hiding place.
T-Bag gains some upward momentum in the prison hierarchy as the water supply is running low.
Lincoln meets familiar and not so familiar faces on his quest to free Michael.
Originally aired on: 9/24/2007
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 3: Call Waiting (s03e03)

Plot Summary: Whistler tells the truth to Michael. Michael tries to get in touch with Sara, but the only phone is in Lechero's quarters, so he has to rely on T-Bag's help.
Mahone battles his addiction.
Bellick steps on some toes.
Originally aired on: 10/1/2007
Fan Rating: 9.2

Episode 4: Good Fences (s03e04)

Plot Summary: After taking delivery of a package from The Company, Lincoln realizes that they are deadly serious.
Michael's new break out plan relies on electricity.
Haywire is back from the dead, haunting a disoriented Mahone.
Bellick and T-Bag get special attention from Lechero.
Originally aired on: 10/8/2007
Fan Rating: 8.7

Episode 5: Interference (s03e05)

Plot Summary: A new inmate named Tyge is brought to Sona. After he seemingly recognizes Whistler, Michael's doubts arise.
T-Bag enters a new area of commerce.
Lincoln goes to the seaside with Sofia.
Sucre takes over the side-business of his predecessor.
Originally aired on: 10/22/2007
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 6: Photo Finish (s03e06)

Plot Summary: Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees proof that Sara is still alive.
Whistler is accused of murdering an inmate and it is up to Michael to prove his innocence and save his life.
Lincoln and Sofia help in monitoring the morning guards.
Mahone may have another way to get out of Sona.
Originally aired on: 11/5/2007
Fan Rating: 9.3

Episode 7: Vamonos (s03e07)

Plot Summary: Everything goes wrong for Michael as he tries to create a diversion.
Lincoln tries to outsmart Susan.
Sucre offers his assistance to Lincoln.
Originally aired on: 11/5/2007
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 8: Bang & Burn (s03e08)

Plot Summary: Susan jeopardizes Michael's life as she puts her own escape plan into motion. Whistler's past catches up to his girlfriend.
The Company goes after Lincoln and Sucre. Justice prevails for Mahone.
Lechero sheds light into an empty tunnel.
Originally aired on: 11/12/2007
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 9: Boxed In (s03e09)

Plot Summary: The Panamanian Army arranges for Michael to get a taste of solitary.
T-Bag reserves a spot in the escape.
Bellick's life turns into an uphill battle.
Susan traps Sucre.
Originally aired on: 1/14/2008
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 10: Dirt Nap (s03e10)

Plot Summary: Lechero's demotion devastates Michael's breakout plan as Sammy takes the reigns at Sona.
T-Bag forces Bellick to fight in the ring where the odds are stacked heavily against him.
Lincoln and Sucre have some surprise fireworks set for Susan.
Originally aired on: 1/21/2008
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 11: Under & Out (s03e11)

Plot Summary: Michael's escape may be in jeopardy because of heavy rain.
T-Bag and Lechero join forces, while Bellick hopes to do the same with Mahone.
Originally aired on: 2/4/2008
Fan Rating: 9.4

Episode 12: Hell or High Water (s03e12)

Plot Summary: Michael, Whistler, McGrady and Mahone make their break from Sona. But Mahone seems like the odd man out along the way.
Originally aired on: 2/11/2008
Fan Rating: 9.5

Episode 13: The Art of the Deal (s03e13)

Plot Summary: Michael and Lincoln are left with no choice but to hand Whistler over in exchange to save LJ and Sofia.
A familiar face enters Sona while another inmate leaves.
Originally aired on: 2/18/2008
Fan Rating: 9.4

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