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Family Guy: Season 6

Episode 1: Blue Harvest (s06e01)

Plot Summary: With the Griffins stuck at home during a blackout, Peter begins to tell a story, which leads to a Star Wars flashback. Acting out scenes from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Peter plays Han Solo, Lois is Princess Leia, Stewie becomes Darth Vader, Brian plays Chewbacca, and Chris is Luke Skywalker. Cleveland and Quagmire will play the parts of R2-D2 and C-3PO, while Herbert is the wise Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Originally aired on: 9/23/2007
Fan Rating: 8.8

Episode 2: Movin' Out (Brian's Song) (s06e02)

Plot Summary: Peter convinces Brian to move in with Jillian. Stewie moves in with them to help pay the rent, but he tries to interfere with Brian and Jillian's relationship. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris get jobs at the local convenience store. While Chris and the manager, Carl, talk about their favorite movies, Meg is stuck with all the hard work. She eventually stands up for herself and as a result, gets fired.
Originally aired on: 9/30/2007
Fan Rating: 7.5

Episode 3: Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air (s06e03)

Plot Summary: When Joe feels that his disability is holding Bonnie back from living a full life, he decides to get a leg transplant. Excited about his new ability to walk, Joe engages in extreme sports, and soon ditches his current friends, for more active ones. Peter and the guys are upset at how Joe is acting and decide to teach him a lesson.
Originally aired on: 10/7/2007
Fan Rating: 8.6

Episode 4: The Family Guy 100th Episode Special (s06e04)

Plot Summary: In this special half-hour tribute to Family Guy, in preparation for the show's 100th episode, some of the best moments of the past are revisited, including satirical spoofs, funny jokes, and musical numbers.
Originally aired on: 11/4/2007
Fan Rating: 7.6

Episode 4: Stewie Kills Lois (1) (s06e04)

Plot Summary: Lois and Peter sail off on a cruise. Jealous that he was left behind, Stewie's matricidal tendencies are rekindled. When Brian challenges him to actually do it, Stewie carries out his diabolical plan.
Originally aired on: 11/4/2007
Fan Rating: 9.1

Episode 5: Lois Kills Stewie (2) (s06e05)

Plot Summary: Presumed dead, Lois returns to name Stewie as the person who tried to kill her. On the look out for Stewie, Joe leads a manhunt around Quahog. Determined to take over the world again, Stewie does whatever he can to become supreme ruler of the world. Desperate to stop Stewie, Lois realizes what she must do.
Originally aired on: 11/11/2007
Fan Rating: 8.9

Episode 6: Padre de Familia (s06e06)

Plot Summary: Peter starts an anti-immigration group; however, he quickly changes his mind when he finds out that he was born in Mexico. Unable to prove his citizenship, pass the naturalization test or convince investigators that his marriage to Lois is for real, he ends up working for Carter as a landscaper, all the while fighting for immigration rights.
Originally aired on: 11/18/2007
Fan Rating: 6.9

Episode 7: Peter's Daughter (s06e07)

Plot Summary: After Quahog is hit by a flood, Meg winds up in the hospital in a coma. When she wakes up and sees a cute med student, they immediately hit it off. Overprotective of his daughter, Peter is determined to drive the med student away. That is until Meg reveals that she is pregnant.
Originally aired on: 11/25/2007
Fan Rating: 8.5

Episode 8: McStroke (s06e08)

Plot Summary: Peter decides to grow a mustache, and after being mistaken for a fireman, ends up lending a hand when a fire breaks out at a local fast food restaurant. The owner gives him unlimited burgers as a thank you, but he eats too many and has a stroke. When Peter recovers, he vows to expose the fast-food company for what it really is, becoming friends with a genetically engineered cow along the way.
Originally aired on: 1/13/2008
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 9: Back to the Woods (s06e09)

Plot Summary: James Woods returns to seek revenge against Peter. James Woods finds Peter's wallet, which he lost at Barry Manilow concert, and procedes to steal Peter's identity, and his family. Peter decides to ruin James' career and image.
Originally aired on: 2/17/2008
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 10: Play It Again, Brian (s06e10)

Plot Summary: Peter and Lois' marriage hits a bit of a snag. When Brian wins the New England Rising Writer's award, the three of them head to Martha's Vineyard for a nice relaxing vacation. Peter's usual drinking habits take over and he soon spirals out of control, as does Brian's self restraint, as he soon professes his love for Lois. Peter and Brian test their friendship over the woman of their dreams.
Originally aired on: 3/2/2008
Fan Rating: 7.9

Episode 11: The Former Life of Brian (s06e11)

Plot Summary: Brian, afraid that he may have lost his last chance at love, searches for a former flame, Tracy. To his surprise, he discovers that he is the father to her son, Dylan. Tracy decides that Brian should raise the boy, and she drops him off at the Griffin's house. When Dylan runs rough-shot in the house, Brian's attitude towards parenting doesn't settle too well with Lois and Peter.
Originally aired on: 4/27/2008
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 12: Long John Peter (s06e12)

Plot Summary: When Peter gets a pet parrot, he begins acting like a pirate. Peter accidentally kills the bird after raising hell through all of Quahog. Meanwhile, when Brian is visiting the vet, Chris falls in love with the intern, Anna.
Originally aired on: 5/4/2008
Fan Rating: 8.6

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