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Desperate Housewives: Remember (2) Info

Episode Title: Remember (2)
Episode Rating: 9.6
Aired on: 5/21/2006
Season #: 2
Episode #: 24

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Desperate Housewives: Remember (2) [9.6]

Episode Summary

Flashbacks (featuring special guest stars Steven Culp, Jesse Metcalfe and Roger Bart) take us back to key moments in time for Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle and how they connect to the present. After hearing Betty's message on her cellphone about Matthew being a murderer Bree realizes she needs to escape from the psychiatric hospital and help Danielle, who has run away with him. When he sees Mike buying an engagement ring, Karl buys Susan a house. Lynette finds out that Tom has an illegitimate daughter from before they were married. Gabrielle discovers a shocking secret her husband has been keeping from her.

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